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Riva Poker's appearance on the online poker market sparked off a new era for those players that do not shy away from exciting challenges. The site manages a symbiosis between traditional poker playing on one side, and high-end technology (such as Playtech or the Ipoker network) on the other – whatever way they are used, they serve to re-introduce this legendary game to the online audience!

The Riva Group stands at the cradle of this new movement dedicated to poker; it is in this spirit that Riva Poker still manages to satisfy those players that long for nostalgia and fastidious poker tables – by offering revision and exemplary correction of their moves. It is in this way that Riva Poker facilitates the entry into this fascinating world as well as by swaying new players with a series of exciting bonuses...

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By offering $10 to test the software and the poker tables and another $10 to have a stab at games like « Hulk » or « Iron Man », we are already offering a $20 bonus with no deposit necessary. Online Poker and welcome bonuses go hand in hand. Riva Poker stays true to this principle by offering you a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to $450, when you open a new account.

Additionally, Poker School takes new players under its wing by explaining rules and relevant vocabulary. To make others benefit from all this, players can invite their friends to join the site, and win $75 per invited player – the newcomer will himself receive $25.

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Riva Poker does not only excel with regard to their promotions; the site books equal success with their incredible game offers. There are, for instance, 50 weekly freerolls accompanied by enormous jackpots of which the players are free to partake.

They form an ideal way of preparing the champion of tomorrow for even greater feats by allowing him to build skills in low-cost challenges. Apart from that there are other Poker tables available to play at. Every Sunday, the players are welcome to join the most popular tournaments and to take away their share of the $250,000 prize pool – and of course the memory of not only a great game, but also of great winnings.

With its high security standards and round-the-clock helpdesk, the site lives up to the goals it set for itself, and moreover benefits from the European Legislation imposed by the Riva Group.

Riva Poker is already a strong player on a highly competitive market. With its many trumps, the site advocates a return to the roots of the game in order to focus on what is most important: playing poker.