Friday, February 18, 2011

Why freerolls suck - Donk of the day - shadowhd

I realise that you should always expect donkslike shadowhd in freerolls but this is about as bad as it can get really.

840 runners in any tourny, means a lengthy amount of time. Top 100 paid out.

Theres 101 people left and I'm dealt A♥K♣ in small blind, there's only 1 caller from mid position so I raise 4xbb which is 1000 chips at this stage. Both the BB and shadowhd call. The flop looks very strong for me K♦5♠A♠, I have two pair and a full house draw. I check in hope of check- raising. The mid position player min raises and I think hang on, I must surely be ahead, I'll flat call and hope he improves his hand on the turn and bet big.

The turn


I immediately raise half the pot, which fully commits me to a push should someone re-raise. BB calls. Mid position pushes all in. I suspected I've been sucked out by the flush but I am pot committed and have to call and hope I hit one of my 4 outs on the river to make a full house.

The river


No joy.

Cards are turned over and BB is a fish hes holding A♣8♠. He exits 102nd, deservedly.

Mid position turns over K♠3♠ and I'm out in 101st out of 100 paid.

With hindsight my play post flop was bad, I never should of flat called. But even if I'd of re-raised say 4-6xbb, he would of called. Infact judging by his pre flop call hes loose enough to of called an all in on the flop.

Anyway you look at this I'm incredibly unlucky.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

segal3 - donk of the day

Literally on the bubble, one place from paying out. This is usually where ppl should play extra tight. I'm dealt AJ in late position, there is one caller before me from early position. As he just flat calls and it's the bubble I push all in expecting any sane player to fold.

Oh no.

Segal3 decides 5 3 off suit is a safe enough hand to call an all in raise with right on the bubble.

No surprises, he hits a 3. This made him chip leader of the tourny, it wasnt like he was short stacked.

It left me wounded and my tourny exit hand was again AJ this time vs K10 pre flop again, I lost again.

Monday, February 14, 2011

donk of the day - iphonessugg ipoker donkey

Blinds are £0.10/0.20.
It's cash HU.
I'm dealt AA, I'm raised pre flop by his 8 6. I re-raise 7x bb. Flop comes Q 2 6.
He raises £5.60. I push all in. Turn card is an 8.

Complete donk.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 'sponsorship' scam - Do NOT use this site.

The site has a very professional look to it and it's very easy to presume that this is a site like pokerstrategy
or pokersource where they genuinely do fulfill their promises of paying out no deposit bonuses or 'sponsorships' as Pokerinside like to call it.

But as I have this blog and I'm involved with a whole network of poker sites and forums I'm always on the look out for new deals that I can be affiliated with and recommend. This is not one of them.

The advertising of the $10 sponsorship is very clear, but once signed it becomes a little hazy on the steps to receiving it. But there is a 'live support button,' try clicking it and receiving any support at all is not as easy as it sounds.

After many and I mean many attempts to get through to General Support
I was told that all the sponsorships had ran out for the day and I was to come back, click claim at 12am Eastern Standard time in order to receive a bonus. That's 5am GMT.

When I got round to doing this I was told the next step would be to contact Live support again and my bonus would be issued immediately. The only problem I expected to encounter was the whole 75 attempts to get through.

You get this lovely message telling you that 'your enquiry is important to us. Please wait an operator will be with you shortly.' Two short lies.

Persistent in my ways I looked for an alternative way to contact the team and luckily at the bottom of the e-mail outlining my entitlement to the bonus was an msn contact.

Try adding the address and you will speak to a not so friendly guy called Mark who says that he has nothing to do with no deposit bonuses that's a seperate department and he is too busy 'dealing with serious players who want to deposit.'

Oh well, back to trying the support button.

When I finally get through, I'm asked for my PI username. Which I give and then I'm subjected to 35 minutes of trying to coax me into depositing.

When it's clear and apparent I'm not going to deposit and I do actually want what was advertised and what they are clearly unwilling to give I get this response. Btw 250 raked hands would mean they would be guaranteed $10 in commision before you even get $10, why bother?

Chat was cut off by general support very promptly after this.

Complete waste of my time and I don't recommend anybody to waste their time with these bunch of cowboys. Especially when there is much more efficient reputable sites out there like pokersource who deliver on their promises. Which coincidentally of much greater value, wider selection and paid out in a shorter time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Donk of the Day - BELF4STL4D

I'm in small blind with 8 7 off suit and nobody raises, so I call half a blind to limp and the flop hits 8 7 3. I check/raise BELF4STL4D calls holding 4 3. Turn comes and it's a 5 I raise the pot, this prices him well out the pot. He calls. River comes and its another 3. I raise he pushes all in. Bad play is rewarded.

The hand directly after I left, he calls an all in with 7 9 off suit vs AJ pre flop and hits a straight. Awful player.

It's unsurprising all these players, lose massive amounts of money. But it's annoying that when they do win. It happens to be vs me :(

Friday, February 4, 2011

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

William Hill allow poker players to cheat - (they admit this, screenshots provided)

After reporting an incident of two players colluding on William Hill, I received no response to this incident and the first I was to hear of this was from the two players themselves. Who directed a barrage of abuse at me for informing William Hill of their cheating ways.

That was the response I got from the chat operator who concedes that it's unfair that these players are allowed to play despite being proven to cheat.

Here is the e-mail confirming the fact that they have been proven to cheat and have been warned. Yet still allowed to play, still allowed to use foul language
I had a little break from iPoker for a while seen as the bad beats and the bad players were getting to me.

Upon my return the first two SnG's I play I'm dealt with at some point pocket aces. The pocket aces in both these tournies are cracked by pocket jacks in one and KJ os in the other.

Beaten by a 3 outer on my first game back he had a 6.5% of winning, he won.

SantaIkleHelper - I get top pair on flop (j) with K as kicker, flop comes K. But it also hits one of his 8 outs (31%) and he wins. Not as bad a beat as the others, but he still shouldnt of even been in the pot with q9 os.

Idontlikefrench - hits his 6.4% chance of runner runner to beat my aces with his jacks from the flop.

That's my first 3 games back on William Hill and ipoker since a whole collusion episode, in which William Hill openly accept that there was collusion and refuse to take any real action. I've therefore stopped promoting as an affiliate as I can't recommend this room to anyone.