Sunday, February 6, 2011

Donk of the Day - BELF4STL4D

I'm in small blind with 8 7 off suit and nobody raises, so I call half a blind to limp and the flop hits 8 7 3. I check/raise BELF4STL4D calls holding 4 3. Turn comes and it's a 5 I raise the pot, this prices him well out the pot. He calls. River comes and its another 3. I raise he pushes all in. Bad play is rewarded.

The hand directly after I left, he calls an all in with 7 9 off suit vs AJ pre flop and hits a straight. Awful player.

It's unsurprising all these players, lose massive amounts of money. But it's annoying that when they do win. It happens to be vs me :(

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