Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I had a little break from iPoker for a while seen as the bad beats and the bad players were getting to me.

Upon my return the first two SnG's I play I'm dealt with at some point pocket aces. The pocket aces in both these tournies are cracked by pocket jacks in one and KJ os in the other.

Beaten by a 3 outer on my first game back he had a 6.5% of winning, he won.

SantaIkleHelper - I get top pair on flop (j) with K as kicker, flop comes K. But it also hits one of his 8 outs (31%) and he wins. Not as bad a beat as the others, but he still shouldnt of even been in the pot with q9 os.

Idontlikefrench - hits his 6.4% chance of runner runner to beat my aces with his jacks from the flop.

That's my first 3 games back on William Hill and ipoker since a whole collusion episode, in which William Hill openly accept that there was collusion and refuse to take any real action. I've therefore stopped promoting as an affiliate as I can't recommend this room to anyone.

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