Friday, February 18, 2011

Why freerolls suck - Donk of the day - shadowhd

I realise that you should always expect donkslike shadowhd in freerolls but this is about as bad as it can get really.

840 runners in any tourny, means a lengthy amount of time. Top 100 paid out.

Theres 101 people left and I'm dealt A♥K♣ in small blind, there's only 1 caller from mid position so I raise 4xbb which is 1000 chips at this stage. Both the BB and shadowhd call. The flop looks very strong for me K♦5♠A♠, I have two pair and a full house draw. I check in hope of check- raising. The mid position player min raises and I think hang on, I must surely be ahead, I'll flat call and hope he improves his hand on the turn and bet big.

The turn


I immediately raise half the pot, which fully commits me to a push should someone re-raise. BB calls. Mid position pushes all in. I suspected I've been sucked out by the flush but I am pot committed and have to call and hope I hit one of my 4 outs on the river to make a full house.

The river


No joy.

Cards are turned over and BB is a fish hes holding A♣8♠. He exits 102nd, deservedly.

Mid position turns over K♠3♠ and I'm out in 101st out of 100 paid.

With hindsight my play post flop was bad, I never should of flat called. But even if I'd of re-raised say 4-6xbb, he would of called. Infact judging by his pre flop call hes loose enough to of called an all in on the flop.

Anyway you look at this I'm incredibly unlucky.

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