Monday, January 31, 2011

Liverpool sign Andy Carrol for £35 million - Sets a new record for Britains most expensive footballer

Kenny Dalglish has had an offer for Newastle Uniteds Andy Carrol accepted. The player who has scored 11 goals in 19 for Newcastle seems to be in great demand as it is expected Liverpool talisman Fernando Torres is expected to leave Liverpool in a £50 million deal.

Personally I think £35 million for Andy Carrol is like paying £1000 a night for a cheap hooker with no teeth. He's on his way to Melwood and is going to be a Liverpool player now.

Andy carroll has also handed in a transfer request and the deal has been confirmed as being accepted.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

$8 for free at 888 poker with NO deposit. (no catch)

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What is expected value in poker?

I've quite often heard this term dished about in the poker world. I hear it mostly when people make an awful call and then wrongly use 'EV' as their excuse.

But what is EV in poker exactly?

It's a mathematical way of putting a price on your decisions based on probability. A nice article describing this is in the link.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

andwhateh - my first game back at ipoker and I run into this donk.

First hand I'm heavy stacked

I have A♥ J♦ and raise the pot pre flop, everyone folds except andwhateh. Flop comes 9♣,8♣,10♥.

Turn comes 3♥ and andwhat is holding 3♦5♥ , I raise very heavy and he goes over the top of my raise and pushes all in. I miss my open ended straight draw and the 14 outs I had and he wins with a pair of 5's.

He shouldn't of called pre flop.
He shouldn't of called on the turn.

Heres the play. I'm '1erb.'

He then doubles raising all in for 18k chips pre flop with a pair of 6's only to be called by a decent player called frickenriver1 who has pocket aces. He obviously makes a set of 6's along the way.

He now has 36k chips

I have about 18k chips and I see he limps in from early position. I have pocket queens and raise heavily. I get 2 callers. Flop is a rainbow 6, 7, 8. I check expecting the donk to raise and he does, the whole pot. I raise almost all in and I both call. There is 50k in the pot. They both only hold an 8, they have an OESD.

They both risked their tournament for a 31.5% chance of winning. It wasn't even good EV for the K8 to call nevermind Dr.Donk andwhateh. Turn card comes and it's obviously the 9 they both need.

My QQ is busted by 8 7 off suit and K 8 off suit.

Neither should of called on any street.

Awful players on ipoker and I'm convinced more everytime I play on it that for some reason awful play is favoured. Keep the newbies happy?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eric Seidel wins the highest stakes game of poker ever played ($250k seat)

he may be rich but he sure is ugly

2011 couldn't be going any better for this guy. We are just 27 days in and he has already won the game with the highest buy in ever

He's already came 3rd in the PCA PLO tourny nettings 48k and third in the aussie millions challenge netting another 100k

Now, Seidel has captured the biggest buy-in event in poker tournament history–the 2011 Aussie Millions $250,000 Super High Rollers. For the win, Seidel banks $2.5M AUD and moves into third place (past Jamie Gold) on the all-time career money winners list (Johnny Chan is still 34th at $6.1M, just sayin’…).

Sam Trickett followed his Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge victory with a runner-up to Seidel, earning himself another $1.4M AUD. David Benyamine finished third for $1.1M AUD.

In related news, only 18 remain in the 2011 Aussie Millions Main Event. It’s a pretty stacked field, with Chris Moorman leading at 1,643,000. He’s followed by Australian Mark Vos, a ginger, with 1,200,000. Other notables remaining include Sorel Mizzi (965,000) and Patrik Antonius (958,000).

Erick Lindgren and Howard Lederer were eliminated in 33rd and 34th place respectively ($30,000 AUD).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rummy Royal - Gin Rummy, Kalooki, buraco, canasta try for free with no deposit


Rummy is a family of games all sharing the "draw and discard" structure. Besides this unique play pattern, the main goal is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand by forming either sets or runs. All of the Rummy games contain some kind of a scoring system making the play for money much more attractive. There are many theories regarding the origins of the Rummy games, each one attributes the invention of the game to different people or nations around the world.

The Orient

One of the earliest card games to incorporate this play pattern is the Chinese card game from the 18th century named Mahjong (see also, Mah-Jong, Mah-Jongg, Mai-Jiang). Soon enough, many western versions appeared worldwide, bearing names such Conquian, kanhoo and others. The common assumption regarding the swift spread of these card games and their variations is attributed to Chinese immigrants, British and Portuguese merchants who were familiarized with the game during their stay in the mainland.


Some versions trace the Rummy origins to the Spanish game "Conquian", brought to America by the Spanish communities to immigrate west. David Parlett considers this game to be the ancestor of all Rummy games, and mentions its similarity to the popular modern game of Gin Rummy.

Rummy is a family of games that share a similar structure. All these games include a similar game play pattern that consists of drawing and discarding a card during each turn. This is done in order to help players meld the cards in their hands into sets and runs. A set is a three or four cards meld of the same rank. A Run is a three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.

The most popular variant of the Rummy games is Gin Rummy. Most versions state that the game was invented in New York during the early decades of the 20th century.

It is believed the game's name derives from its inventor's fondness of the alcoholic drink of Gin. The game became most popular when it was adopted by Hollywood's elite and famous movie stars back in the 1930's for they enjoyed playing this exciting and quick game on the set during takes. Another reason for the Rummy games' popularity is believed to result from the great depression period, when people did not have many financial resources to engage in outdoors entertainment activity, and turned for some indoors quality time with family and friends.

In the last couple of years, many Rummy variants have gone online, offering players from all over the world to join in play and enjoy the variety of Rummy entertaining qualities. Whether it's about people who grew up playing the Rummy games, or the new ones to pick them up, the Rummy games are here to stay for many generations to come. Joining people in play and providing them with the ultimate quality time, the Rummy games continue to play a dominant role and always have a special, fun and exciting variation to offer to each and every one of us.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

holmesy9728 - My last hand on ipoker

This was my last game on ipoker for a while. I know it seems unlogical to blame a network for the bad beats. But it's all just too common that bad play and bad players are rewarded.

Equally stacked . I had 99 and raised considerably to be called by his ace 4. Another raise from me on flop sees him push all in with ace high. As i've made a set and no dangers I call without hesitation. He has ace 4 of diamonds. There is only 1 diamond on the board. The donk needs runner runner. He hits diamond diamond, obviously

I battle my way back to a decent chip size and he calls my pocket 8's with ace high again for an all in and he wins again.

So i battle my way back again. And my exit hand is ace jack vs his queen 3.

if the way to win on ipoker is simply to go against all rules of averages and mathematics. Theres no point in playing. Fuck ipoker.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

poker 770 - free money no deposit bonus 770

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gunsklajdi - genuinely the worst poker player i've ever seen in my entire life

He's the worst player yet the luckiest player I have ever EVER seen. I can put my hand on my heart and say that in 10 years of playing poker I have never seen anyone who plays as awful as this guy but gets so lucky and hits almost every time.

I have AQ - I raise 8 x bb
Gunsklajdi has 3 2 off suit - he calls 8x bb

FLOP is ACE 2 5

So this dickhead has a pair of 2's with a 3 as a kicker. A gutshot straight draw too.

Despite my pre flop raise indicating I have a strong hand he raises 720. He must surely know he's behind unless he is retarded?

I push all in - he calls.

Turn card delivers another 2.. he has a set.

this is one hand of possibly 20-30 he has done this with today. 2 7, 10 2, 8 3, it really doesn't matter what cards they are he will call and he will hit. Just how awful he is and how often he is rewarded for his awful play has seriously made me doubt using ipoker anymore. I think I'm going back to play on pokerstars.

Genuinely, that's the icing on the cake for me with ipoker. Never have I seen one play deliver so many bad beats with such awful play as this complete and utter donut.

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momoney102 - how do you play against super donks?

This is a genuine question! I have this bogey player 'momoney102' in this little run of play she had been donking to steal the blinds every hand. She'd only just doubled up a few hands before with her very skilful bingo technique with king 7 off suit. Here she pushes all in with 5 9 off suit and I'm foced to call as I have ace 8 and I just know shes pushing with nothing as per usual. She obviously hits a straight. What can you honestly do vs people like this? There is many of them about and obviously good play is meant to prevail overall but in this one particular instance this player actually thinks shes good/better than me as she has won more chips vs me HU. Totally disregarding the fact that she won those chips with 5 9 off suit and 8 6 off suit the other day versus my pocket aces. These really are the worst kind of players about, the ones that genuinely believe in their own heads that they are good but play like this. She actually does think that it was good play :/

apparently these stats are total rubbish as it was her 'son that lost all the money' really shes a pro

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Monday, January 24, 2011

bluec7 - donk of the day

The thing that still always astounds me with each donked hand is the cognitive thought process behind it.

I have ace queen suited. Four players are at table all evenly stacked and I raise the pot which is two thirds of my stack. I get one caller. The flop is ACE nothing 2, I obviously push the remainder of my stack in and get a caller. He turns over his cards and its King 2 off suit. Why? just why? the turn card comes and he hits a king?

I asked him what his logic was behind it. He says 'chance'. He obviously missed mathematics lessons at school.

I'm absolutely dumbfounded at how awful this play really is.

-41% that whole chance thing isnt working out that well

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popskii64 - words cannot describe how bad this play is

i limp with k8 suited and the flop hits 8 2 5, i raise the pot and he re-raises me double, I push all in expecting him to fold two overcards he calls his entire stack and its a large one for with q 2 off suit. Turn card comes and its a 2. Unreal how bad can one player be?

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

taranta 13 - pre flop donkkeyy

AJclubs vs A5 of spades! flop comes j nothing nothing with 2 clubs..

This guy NEEDS runner runner, he hits 2 spades.

This should be a lesson to myself NOT to play speed tournies. He actually. Send me out this tourny after this and i had aj again vs his 10's

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impact2134 - donk donk donk awful donk

This is one of those momumental idiots who has no clue how to play at all. He's always doing this kind of stuff.

Heres 2 hands he donked in back to back. First i got aces, then jacks.

re-raised all in with qj vs me jj and he hits a q on river

this guy really needs a length of rope and a good staircase

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just got 4th place finish on the facebook freeroll for William Hill

I only ever really chip lead briefly at the end for about 2 minutes so I'm not too disappointed finishing 4th.

and my exit hand was only my own fault. I pushed with a9 suited with the blinds at 12k I got a caller with aq suited. I never mind losing to worse hands or decent players.

The prize was only £30 which is a big difference from the £125 of first place. But it's all free money in a free roll at willhill so I can't complain.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

For the loser that claims getting 250k in a week is impossible.

"Theres no way you have done 250k in a week"
"my fuckin arse"
"it's impossible not even allin can do that"
"prove it then"
"I'm not asking you I'm FUCKING telling you that you havent done that"
"Just get the fuckin screens up that'll prove it"

all the above quoted by great donk cmonulashers

I started playing for points on 5th January. I posted that i'd done 250k on 13th january. The truth is I've probably done closer to 300k and lost a lot these past few days. Thanks to donks like yourself.

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For my most frequent visitor.. solely a post for you as you requested it.

donking with 10 j vs aa and all in too

donking with 10 9 off suit all in vs aa

donking with q8 vs 2 callers and my ak

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gthing3 donk of the day award for his 79 off suit beating my KK

Out of all the hands I've played today and the many donks and bad beats I've received the award for the most outstanding clueless donk goes to this fella!

Someone raises 4x the blind he holds 7 9 off suit in his hand he calls, then I reraise 16x the bb i get one more caller to my right which is cmonulashers obviously trying to fish with something like A8 as usual. gthing3 also calls the huge raise. flop comes 10 5 8 which leaves him with an OESD, I obviously check expectng lashes to raise with what i think is his crappy ace 8 but he just checks too. The turn card comes 7. So now he has a monster which is a pair of 7's and gthing pushes all in. I obvously call. He hits his straight on river. Ding dong donk of the day!

Well at least he isn't one of them idiots who believe they are good but infact are atrocious. This guy must surely know how bad he is. His return on investment is -25%.

Last game of poker for me today as I've just been knocked out the $60k tourny albeit from my own bad play.

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ellyy11 donks with ace 5 off suit vs my ak

Just no need to donk with ace 5.. the blinds were 20/40! The very next hand ellyy11 donks in with 10 4 vs my pocket aces that tripled up. What a loser!

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Inspectoru - Donks with JK os vs my KK

Why does this always happen when i'm low on funds? I get a nice KK first hand so I raise 5x the blind and get 1 caller. Perfect play. flop coming nothing nothing jack all clubs. I have two kings and one of them is a club.. I'm pretty much good to go here I check to let him raise and trap him. He falls for it. I re-raise all in. He thinks for a second and calls. He's got JK not even a single club. Turn card comes and its another jack.

People like Inpsectoru make you just wanna stop playing poker. Inspectoru, is an awful lucky donk.

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luckypatch1 donks with 3 8

Bad timing, I was crusing this game and had played well when this loser donks me with 3 8. I had top pair with queen kicker I was miles ahead. All he had was an awful flush draw. Turn card comes and its an 8 and I think ok well he's not going to get another one is he. River comes it's an 8. Awful bastard ended up winning it.

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Schneefrau - Loves to be a donk

I got ak i raise heavy.. he calls with a10.. flop is all clubs.. he has 10 of clubs. 2 more clubs come. The beats are coming in thick and fast as well at the wrong time as i've just cashed out points and im effectively low on points

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Rahim Chaudhary

Ak vs A7 donked in pre flop. To be fair he was one of those donks that donk in every single round. I had to call. I think that other donk lashes probably went on to win that as he had went all in with 9 8 off suit vs someones ace ace and hit an extra 9 on the turn after he'd went all in. Then doubled up calling my large qj suited raise of which i hit a q on flop but he'd already tripped up with mid pockets. Donks all round then

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This is the kind of hand that would sent me on tilt.

I guess I can understand why he done it. He had top pair and an OESD but even still he got soooo luck. I'm not faulting his play on this particular hand perse but he did come from far behind to get lucky.

I had 78 suited he had 98 off suit. Flop comes 6,7,8 rainbow. I have to pair he has 1 pair and OESD. I put a small raise in, he re-raised all in. Turn comes J, River comes J. He has the 9 as the kicker lucky tvvat honestly.

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Does it matter how much you raise in poker?

The idea of making a raise is either to shake someone off the pot or to get them more involved in the pot. You ideally want to get no more than 2 callers to see a flop no matter whether you have aces or not.

I've been playing points games and the amount of donks on there is truelly unreal. With QQ in early position I knew I had to raise to get money into the pot but high enough to reduce the callers and low enough to get a few callers. I went against textbook play and basically overbet the pot raising 14x the bb which in theory should scare most players away unless they have an ultra premium hand. But not only do I get callers I get re-raised all in and with 2 additional callers. JJ, A3 and A7. Awful bunch of players.

The flop and turn doesnt help all 3 of them really. Going into the river the highest chance any of them have is 10%. Theres only 2 aces and 2 jacks left in the deck. The ace 7 hits 2 pair and hits one of the last 2 aces in the pack.

Well done for being a clueless donk Podaras.

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Pnz04 - Fishing on the turn card push all in in hope to hit

First game of the day - First fish call of the day. I have qq i raise the blind x4 he calls thats understandable as he has aj. I mean technically a tight player should fold with aj off but its understandable. Flop is all low spades he has an ace of spades. I raise the pot which is a third of his stack he calls. Turn doesnt do much for him only brings him a gutshot straight draw. He needs a 2 really. Sure he has outs. But he could be facing not just pocket queens but an already made flush. He knows hes massively behind an needs something great to help him out. He pushes all in and hits a 2.

This game actually went to heads up, which i won but only after a close call when I raise considerably with a pair of 7's which is a reasonable thing to do in HU. He calls and the flop comes 7 8 q. Terrible for my 7's, I raised to test the water and he re-raised all in. He'd called my pre flop raise with q 8 os.

Unfortunately for him he kept playing fishy style and didnt hit every time. So he lost.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

cmonulashers - the worst donk on ipoker

This fella is probably the worst donk on ipoker because he's one of those lucky ones. He plays pathetically like this. Raises all in with k10. Blinds were small no apparent need. He just wanted to be a donk. He's beat me many times today and EVERY time hes had the worse hand and outdrawn me. It's getting to be ridicolous because he actually thinks hes good as a result.

He actually said once 'play better whinge less.' This guy has lost $1300 in only 267 games. That's some seriously bad poker.

Heres another one.. funny thing is the player actually said to him I have AA and yet he still chose to try and go over the top of his raise and bluff him off the pot with his remaining 120chips. His cards? worthy of calling the AA... 5-7 off suit. This guy is reallly awful

and again.. fair enough he has a flush draw but he is way behind the other gay has a flush. He always comes from massively behind to win and then thinks hes good because hes won. The bad play being rewarded just reinforces his patheticness all the time

everything just stinks fish about this place, it's so wrong at every single juncture all the random raising especially with the board the way it is.. any cards could of beat him and did beat him for the small pot. Again he just gets through on sheer luck and again his falsely inflated ego is intact

it just sickens me.. he ended up winning this game from that. Time and time again he keeps on winning and its always from bad player. I guess he's just a lucky person. All of these screenshots are from 30 mins of play. He does this ALL the time.

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Rufulka777 - q10 vs a10 stupid donk

Need i say more? q10 vs a10.. this guys a moron.

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droklitus is a disgusting donk

What an awful player. Look at that he plays 8 9 off suit all in pre flop vs my pocket 10's

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dfhjv42578t9 is a donk

dfhjv42578t9 is officially the first donk added to my blog. calling 6x blind with 7 10..

This is a verrrry tame bad beat to start it off. dont wanna get too ugly too quick

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William Hill - VIP points great for free money.

I know all sites have their own versions of player points and most offer cash rewards for redeeming them. But i've only just recently realised how much potential there is in actually
signing up
for a site like william hill and playing just for the poker points. I wish i'd never ever deposited now and just done this. You basically get 10 points per $1 spent in rake and then players can play each other with their points.

It's quite easy to amass points on william hill as the players will think of it just as points and play more of a donk style. Which in turn gives you more bad beats but in theory will give you more wins overall.

The payout scheme is quite generous on a sliding scale meaning the more points you save the more valuable it is to cash out. The minimum amount of points you can cash out is 3750 with is something dire like $2.50 and maximum is hundreds of millions which is a joke. But I've literally cashed out 250k points this week alone which paid me $375. For just playing points? That's almost a wage right there for nothing.

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Curtis Mayfield - Here but I'm gone

I can't stop listening to this song. It feels personal listening to the words. It kind of makes me realise how Zero 7 have nicked some of their chilled out tunes. Curtis Mayfield is a legend. He was actually paraylsed from the neck down whilst he wrote this song that's awesome determination recording it one line at a time.

Being paralysed sure is a bad fuckin beat.. but this guy didn't let it stop him. Fair play. He sure is a marker for overcoming adversity.

Why is bad play rewarded so often?

This is why I hate texas hold em. The worst players with the worst skills get rewarded for bad play. Yesterday I had aces 24 times and they won 3 times.. That's an unreal statistic considering they are meant to win 67% of the time vs any hand for its like 6% with the BEST hand in poker.

I swear to god I'm cursed. This morning I've played AK 3 times, beat by  58 of diamonds.. drawing for a flush.. 20x blind raised by me pre flop.. beat my 67 of hearts.. again flush hit.. and beat by QK and the q hit.. my 10's were called by 9's and the 9 hit. AJ suited beat by A10.. I've only played 7 games!!

Why oh fckin why is my luck so bad?

poker sucks because i get bad beats all the time

bad beats sucks and i hate them. poker is so unfair. I hate the river and turn and i hate stupid fish and donks with no skills or knowledge. and i hate you chelsey too. by the way i need to write all this for keywords for the things you get me blud