Tuesday, January 25, 2011

momoney102 - how do you play against super donks?

This is a genuine question! I have this bogey player 'momoney102' in this little run of play she had been donking to steal the blinds every hand. She'd only just doubled up a few hands before with her very skilful bingo technique with king 7 off suit. Here she pushes all in with 5 9 off suit and I'm foced to call as I have ace 8 and I just know shes pushing with nothing as per usual. She obviously hits a straight. What can you honestly do vs people like this? There is many of them about and obviously good play is meant to prevail overall but in this one particular instance this player actually thinks shes good/better than me as she has won more chips vs me HU. Totally disregarding the fact that she won those chips with 5 9 off suit and 8 6 off suit the other day versus my pocket aces. These really are the worst kind of players about, the ones that genuinely believe in their own heads that they are good but play like this. She actually does think that it was good play :/

apparently these stats are total rubbish as it was her 'son that lost all the money' really shes a pro

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