Friday, January 14, 2011

gthing3 donk of the day award for his 79 off suit beating my KK

Out of all the hands I've played today and the many donks and bad beats I've received the award for the most outstanding clueless donk goes to this fella!

Someone raises 4x the blind he holds 7 9 off suit in his hand he calls, then I reraise 16x the bb i get one more caller to my right which is cmonulashers obviously trying to fish with something like A8 as usual. gthing3 also calls the huge raise. flop comes 10 5 8 which leaves him with an OESD, I obviously check expectng lashes to raise with what i think is his crappy ace 8 but he just checks too. The turn card comes 7. So now he has a monster which is a pair of 7's and gthing pushes all in. I obvously call. He hits his straight on river. Ding dong donk of the day!

Well at least he isn't one of them idiots who believe they are good but infact are atrocious. This guy must surely know how bad he is. His return on investment is -25%.

Last game of poker for me today as I've just been knocked out the $60k tourny albeit from my own bad play.

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