Thursday, January 13, 2011

cmonulashers - the worst donk on ipoker

This fella is probably the worst donk on ipoker because he's one of those lucky ones. He plays pathetically like this. Raises all in with k10. Blinds were small no apparent need. He just wanted to be a donk. He's beat me many times today and EVERY time hes had the worse hand and outdrawn me. It's getting to be ridicolous because he actually thinks hes good as a result.

He actually said once 'play better whinge less.' This guy has lost $1300 in only 267 games. That's some seriously bad poker.

Heres another one.. funny thing is the player actually said to him I have AA and yet he still chose to try and go over the top of his raise and bluff him off the pot with his remaining 120chips. His cards? worthy of calling the AA... 5-7 off suit. This guy is reallly awful

and again.. fair enough he has a flush draw but he is way behind the other gay has a flush. He always comes from massively behind to win and then thinks hes good because hes won. The bad play being rewarded just reinforces his patheticness all the time

everything just stinks fish about this place, it's so wrong at every single juncture all the random raising especially with the board the way it is.. any cards could of beat him and did beat him for the small pot. Again he just gets through on sheer luck and again his falsely inflated ego is intact

it just sickens me.. he ended up winning this game from that. Time and time again he keeps on winning and its always from bad player. I guess he's just a lucky person. All of these screenshots are from 30 mins of play. He does this ALL the time.

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