Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why is bad play rewarded so often?

This is why I hate texas hold em. The worst players with the worst skills get rewarded for bad play. Yesterday I had aces 24 times and they won 3 times.. That's an unreal statistic considering they are meant to win 67% of the time vs any hand for its like 6% with the BEST hand in poker.

I swear to god I'm cursed. This morning I've played AK 3 times, beat by  58 of diamonds.. drawing for a flush.. 20x blind raised by me pre flop.. beat my 67 of hearts.. again flush hit.. and beat by QK and the q hit.. my 10's were called by 9's and the 9 hit. AJ suited beat by A10.. I've only played 7 games!!

Why oh fckin why is my luck so bad?

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