Friday, January 14, 2011

Pnz04 - Fishing on the turn card push all in in hope to hit

First game of the day - First fish call of the day. I have qq i raise the blind x4 he calls thats understandable as he has aj. I mean technically a tight player should fold with aj off but its understandable. Flop is all low spades he has an ace of spades. I raise the pot which is a third of his stack he calls. Turn doesnt do much for him only brings him a gutshot straight draw. He needs a 2 really. Sure he has outs. But he could be facing not just pocket queens but an already made flush. He knows hes massively behind an needs something great to help him out. He pushes all in and hits a 2.

This game actually went to heads up, which i won but only after a close call when I raise considerably with a pair of 7's which is a reasonable thing to do in HU. He calls and the flop comes 7 8 q. Terrible for my 7's, I raised to test the water and he re-raised all in. He'd called my pre flop raise with q 8 os.

Unfortunately for him he kept playing fishy style and didnt hit every time. So he lost.
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