Thursday, January 13, 2011

William Hill - VIP points great for free money.

I know all sites have their own versions of player points and most offer cash rewards for redeeming them. But i've only just recently realised how much potential there is in actually
signing up
for a site like william hill and playing just for the poker points. I wish i'd never ever deposited now and just done this. You basically get 10 points per $1 spent in rake and then players can play each other with their points.

It's quite easy to amass points on william hill as the players will think of it just as points and play more of a donk style. Which in turn gives you more bad beats but in theory will give you more wins overall.

The payout scheme is quite generous on a sliding scale meaning the more points you save the more valuable it is to cash out. The minimum amount of points you can cash out is 3750 with is something dire like $2.50 and maximum is hundreds of millions which is a joke. But I've literally cashed out 250k points this week alone which paid me $375. For just playing points? That's almost a wage right there for nothing.

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