Wednesday, January 26, 2011

holmesy9728 - My last hand on ipoker

This was my last game on ipoker for a while. I know it seems unlogical to blame a network for the bad beats. But it's all just too common that bad play and bad players are rewarded.

Equally stacked . I had 99 and raised considerably to be called by his ace 4. Another raise from me on flop sees him push all in with ace high. As i've made a set and no dangers I call without hesitation. He has ace 4 of diamonds. There is only 1 diamond on the board. The donk needs runner runner. He hits diamond diamond, obviously

I battle my way back to a decent chip size and he calls my pocket 8's with ace high again for an all in and he wins again.

So i battle my way back again. And my exit hand is ace jack vs his queen 3.

if the way to win on ipoker is simply to go against all rules of averages and mathematics. Theres no point in playing. Fuck ipoker.

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