Tuesday, January 25, 2011

gunsklajdi - genuinely the worst poker player i've ever seen in my entire life

He's the worst player yet the luckiest player I have ever EVER seen. I can put my hand on my heart and say that in 10 years of playing poker I have never seen anyone who plays as awful as this guy but gets so lucky and hits almost every time.

I have AQ - I raise 8 x bb
Gunsklajdi has 3 2 off suit - he calls 8x bb

FLOP is ACE 2 5

So this dickhead has a pair of 2's with a 3 as a kicker. A gutshot straight draw too.

Despite my pre flop raise indicating I have a strong hand he raises 720. He must surely know he's behind unless he is retarded?

I push all in - he calls.

Turn card delivers another 2.. he has a set.

this is one hand of possibly 20-30 he has done this with today. 2 7, 10 2, 8 3, it really doesn't matter what cards they are he will call and he will hit. Just how awful he is and how often he is rewarded for his awful play has seriously made me doubt using ipoker anymore. I think I'm going back to play on pokerstars.

Genuinely, that's the icing on the cake for me with ipoker. Never have I seen one play deliver so many bad beats with such awful play as this complete and utter donut.

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