Saturday, January 29, 2011

andwhateh - my first game back at ipoker and I run into this donk.

First hand I'm heavy stacked

I have A♥ J♦ and raise the pot pre flop, everyone folds except andwhateh. Flop comes 9♣,8♣,10♥.

Turn comes 3♥ and andwhat is holding 3♦5♥ , I raise very heavy and he goes over the top of my raise and pushes all in. I miss my open ended straight draw and the 14 outs I had and he wins with a pair of 5's.

He shouldn't of called pre flop.
He shouldn't of called on the turn.

Heres the play. I'm '1erb.'

He then doubles raising all in for 18k chips pre flop with a pair of 6's only to be called by a decent player called frickenriver1 who has pocket aces. He obviously makes a set of 6's along the way.

He now has 36k chips

I have about 18k chips and I see he limps in from early position. I have pocket queens and raise heavily. I get 2 callers. Flop is a rainbow 6, 7, 8. I check expecting the donk to raise and he does, the whole pot. I raise almost all in and I both call. There is 50k in the pot. They both only hold an 8, they have an OESD.

They both risked their tournament for a 31.5% chance of winning. It wasn't even good EV for the K8 to call nevermind Dr.Donk andwhateh. Turn card comes and it's obviously the 9 they both need.

My QQ is busted by 8 7 off suit and K 8 off suit.

Neither should of called on any street.

Awful players on ipoker and I'm convinced more everytime I play on it that for some reason awful play is favoured. Keep the newbies happy?

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