Friday, January 14, 2011

Does it matter how much you raise in poker?

The idea of making a raise is either to shake someone off the pot or to get them more involved in the pot. You ideally want to get no more than 2 callers to see a flop no matter whether you have aces or not.

I've been playing points games and the amount of donks on there is truelly unreal. With QQ in early position I knew I had to raise to get money into the pot but high enough to reduce the callers and low enough to get a few callers. I went against textbook play and basically overbet the pot raising 14x the bb which in theory should scare most players away unless they have an ultra premium hand. But not only do I get callers I get re-raised all in and with 2 additional callers. JJ, A3 and A7. Awful bunch of players.

The flop and turn doesnt help all 3 of them really. Going into the river the highest chance any of them have is 10%. Theres only 2 aces and 2 jacks left in the deck. The ace 7 hits 2 pair and hits one of the last 2 aces in the pack.

Well done for being a clueless donk Podaras.

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